Dear fellow Pastor,

I am writing on behalf of Max and Debbie Harmon, faithful missionaries for over 25 years. Please allow me just a few moments to appeal to you concerning their need for support. Max and Debbie were used of the Lord over a 23 year period to organize seven Churches that continue today. During those years both their Dads passed away as they pursued Godís call in Peru.

Three years ago, with both their mothers in either poor or failing health, the Lord allowed them to come home on furlough to care for them. During that furlough I approached Bro. Harmon about taking the leadership of our Spanish ministry and lead them from a department to a mission, then eventually a fully organized Church on their own. Not knowing the future of their mothersí health, but knowing they could need extended care, Max committed to accepting the challenge and changed his status from a foreign missionary to Peru to a United States Language Group BBFI missionary working with this Spanish ministry.

This decision was not without consequences to him in the way of financial support. However, Max and Debbie have been greatly used of the Lord in this calling also. The Central Bible Baptist Church (Centro Biblico Bautista) now has a reliable Spanish Pastor and they are leasing with an option to buy their own location. Their attendance is solidly in the 50's and the people are accepting responsibility and maturing spiritually. I cannot tell you in words the respect and admiration I have for Max and Debbie as I observed their ministry with these people.

Within the last two years both their mothers went to be with the Lord. I personally am glad the Lord allowed Max and Debbie the privilege to be with and care for their mothers in the last months of their lives. I think every Pastor should understand the special importance and even need of that. Having cared for their Moms and successfully directed the Spanish ministry, the Lord is now leading them back to Peru. I and the folks of Arden Road Baptist are asking all of their former supporters, as well as, new Churches who would like to sign on with a couple with a proven record of faithfulness, to resume or take them on for support. I make this appeal having first hand knowledge of their love for, faithfulness in and dedication to the Lord Jesus.


Dale Bigham, Pastor
Arden Road Baptist Church
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