Gary & Janet Tomberlin
Missionaries to Brazil since 1967

1966 – 2007

Acts 2:42
"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine
and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

We are missionaries devoted to the means of growth in grace outlined in Acts 2:42—the preaching and teaching of the Word, the fellowship of believers, and prayer. Our purpose is to glorify God. We are committed to the centrality, inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God and we desire to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Brazil.

- Approved as missionaries by the Baptist Bible Fellowship, Int. in February, 1966.
- Arrived on the mission field of Brazil in May of 1967
- We have three children: Bradley, Lori and Brian. All three are married and we
   have 7 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and expecting the second.
- Gary's birthday, February 16, 1940
- Janet's birthday, February 15, 1940
- Our wedding anniversary, March 17, 1961
- Sending church, First Bible Baptist Church, 1156 N. Oliver, Wichita, Ks. 67208

(all in the language of Brazilian Portuguese)

> Church planting: We personally started four new churches in southern Brazil and turned them over to national pastors. Co-labored (worked together with a Brazilian) in starting churches in remote places
> Youth Camp: Location, Curitiba (pop: 2,000,000)
     - bought property and built all the facilities to accommodate 120.
     - used the camp for ten years
     - sold the property in 1997. Buyer continues to use it for Youth Camps.
     - reinvested the proceeds ($150,000.00) in Brazilian Rotating Fund.
> Regional Bible Institutes: I directed 2-year basic courses in remote areas of Brazil using the physical facilities of a local church but including students from surrounding area.  These three Regional institutes were in the interior of the country located 1500 to 2000 miles from our home in southern Brazil.
Name of church and location: (each town over 2000 miles from our home)
     - Igreja Batista Biblica in Avelino Lopes, Pi. 1998-99, 13 graduates
     - Igreja Batista Biblica in Buritirama, Ba. 2001-02, 11 graduates
     - Igreja Batista Biblica in Campo Grande, Ms. 2003-04, 24 graduates
     (I have taught in other Bible Institutes in earlier years in São Paulo, and Curitiba.)
> Brazilian Rotating Fund: (co-laboring with Brazilians in church building)
     - Organized in July, 1997
     - Legal name of controlling organization: "Associação de Auxílio as Igrejas"
        (Association for Helping Churches")
     - Purpose: Loan money, interest free, to Brazilian Bible Baptist churches, for
        buying property and building church facilities.
     - Total capital presently being rotated: aprox. $300,000.00
     - 64 loans made → 41 loans already paid off → only one default (for $3000.00)
     - 15 of the 64 loans were made to help with starting new churches.
     - Total that has been rotated, $550,000.00 (dollars) Money is now rotating
        for the third time.

     - The capital in the Fund is growing because 14 churches in Brazil and 2
        churches in the U.S.A. support it monthly, and 16 churches in the U.S.A. have
        promised to send in yearly offerings of $500.00 to $4000.00.
     - our goal is to enlist at least 15 more churches in the U.S.A. to support the
        "Brazilian Rotating Fund" directly through the Baptist Bible Fellowship
        Int.either monthly or yearly.
     - the members of the "Association for Helping Churches" have planned and
        directed five biannual Seminars for Brazilian pastors and wives on subjects
        relevant to ministry.
     - The Rotating Fund will be making loans for years. This ministry will continue to
        be a blessing to many Bible Baptist churches even after I pass on.

> Barnabus Project: I set up this project to give temporary monthly support (for
   one or two years) to our Bible School graduates, to help them get new churches
     Presently helping:
     - Pastor Adao and family, $157.00 per month (new church)
     - Single missionary, Eva $157.00 per month. (remote area of Brazil, teacher)
     - Pastor Gidinei , $157.00 per month (new church)
     - Pastor Armando and family, $157.00 per month (new church)
     - Pastor Fabio and family, $260.00 per month (B.B.F Seminary Director)
     Have helped in the past:
     - Pastor Marcos and family, $104.00 per month (new church)
     - Pastor Claudio and family $ 157.00 per month (new church)
     - In 1982, Pastor Edmundo and family, (a car)
     - In 1984, Pastor Jose and family, (remote area) new motor for pick-up
     - In 1984, bought property in Buritirama to help a national missionary start a new
     - In 1986, Pastor Clayton and family (remote area) a pick-up
     - In 1994, Pastor Marcos a motor cycle
     - In 2000, Pastor Joao Neto and family, (remote area) a pick-up
     - In 2004, Pastor Geovan and family, a car
       (Car donations have all been for older model cars. The ministry of these men
       could never have been possible without a vehicle because many of them are the
       equivalent of old "Circuit Riding Preachers" of over a century ago in the U.S.A.,
       taking care of several churches and congregations.)

> School: During the years of 1977-1984 we started and administrated an ACE
   school at our home, for our kids and 9 other missionary children.

> Building constructions: - (Personally responsible for the construction of 12
     - City of Pedro de Toledo, S.P: - church
                                                      - S.S building
- City of Curitiba, PR.                    - church
                                                     - S.S. building
- Youth camp, Curitiba                   - Chapel building, lower level kit & dining,
                                                         upper level chapel
                                                      - Dormitory building, (capacity 120)
                                                      - Home for care taker
- Personal home:                             - School class room for missionary children
                                                       - Our house
- City of Tamandaré:                      - Church building and living quarters.
- City of Itarirí:                                - Church
                                                      - S.S. building

All of the above are major projects in which we have been involved. During these 41 years in Brazil countless minor projects and personal contributions were made that have not been listed.

The main goal of our missionary ministry in Brazil has been to glorify God by winning souls, starting churches and teaching young men and women the Word in a way that would enable them to continue to replace themselves with teachers and preachers.

> Present Ministries
     We love what God has called us to do and now that we are 67 years of age we
      are still very involved:
           - Supporting, encouraging and working with our graduates.
           - Administrating and raising money for our Rotating Fund.
           - Working with other members of the Association for Helping Churches to
              plan and direct three-day training seminars for pastors and church leaders
              in different regions of Brazil.
           - I am presently co-pastoring a congregation (soon to be organized into an
             independent church) in Balsa Nova, eight miles from where we live.
          - We are working together with missionaries Jerry and Kristen Hickey,
             organizing lessons and preparing Power Point presentations on Creation
             Science and plan to start marking dates with schools and churches for
             September of 2007.

> Goals for the future
    Continue to be faithful in the five ministries mentioned above.

Only through the faithful prayers and support of all of our personal friends and supporting churches has this ministry been possible. Our hearts are full of gratitude to our Lord for His leadership and to our faithful supporters for co-laboring with us during these last 40 years.

When we arrived in Brazil in 1967 there were only 15 Baptist Bible Fellowship churches in the country. Today there are over 250 churches and new congregations. All of the American missionaries and all of the Brazilian pastors who have co-labored together in this country, praise the Lord that He has given the increase. We are thankful for the privilege of working together serving Him.

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