Missionaries to Argentina

Missions Board


Baptist Bible Fellowship International Dr. Bob Baird, Missions Director

P. O. Box 191 Springfield, MO 65801 (417) 862-5001


Sending Church


Liberty Baptist Church Lewisville, Texas

Dr. Dick Webster, Pastor (972) 436-3493




Roy - 1989–1993 Baptist Bible College Springfield, Missouri

B. S. Missions

Jennifer – 1991-1995 Baptist Bible College Springfield, Missouri

B. S. Missions



1995-1999 Grayson Bible Baptist Church Sherman, Texas

Roy – Youth Minister/Missions Intern, Jennifer - Secretary

Dr. Eddy Johnson, Pastor (903) 892-2141

Personal/Family Information


Roy and Jennifer have been married for seven years and have one child, Kirsten, who is twenty-one months old.

Birth dates: Roy – 7/6/71, Jennifer – 11/26/73, Kirsten – 11/3/98

Anniversary: 6/26/93

Personal Testimonies


Roy was saved when he was eight years old after viewing an Evangelistic film at a local church. He surrendered to be a missionary at the age of seventeen. Roy’s decision was directly affected by the time that his family spent as missionaries in Argentina. Dr. and Mrs. Dick Webster returned to the states after a brief term because of serious health problems. They relocated to Lewisville, Texas where Bro. Webster has pastored the Liberty Baptist Church for the last seventeen years. Roy feels that God allowed his family to go to Argentina so that he would receive a burden for he Argentine people and answer the call to full-time service when it came.

Jennifer is from Burleson, Texas where her father, Dr. Terry Williams has pastored Boulevard Baptist Church for eighteen years. Jennifer was saved under her father’s preaching at age six, and was called to be a missionary when she was eleven years old. God had placed a burden for South America in her heart at that time, and has now given her a love for the Argentine people in particular.

Short-Term Goals


Leave for the field December 27, 2000. Work with Missionary Richard Todd, in San Antonio de Padua, on the West side of Buenos Aires during language study and culture adaptation.

Long-Term Goals


Move to the South side of Buenos Aires after completing language study and first furlough. Secure property and start a church, that God willing, will become a large, thriving work that is able to facilitate the start of other works by training and sending preachers out from it.